Established in 1978, Countronics specializes in manufacturing electronic control instruments for industries. It has now become a prominent benchmark in the industry with the latest cutting edge technology & control and automation products for various industrial sectors.

We are pioneers in providing customized measurement & control instruments using latest technologies. Our continuous effort is to provide our customers with innovative, digitized instrumentation products with a customer focus.

We are leaders and manufacturers in process control instruments which include Data Loggers, AH Meters, pH Indicators and controllers, Humidity meters, Digital Counters and Timers, pH controller in Delhi.

We have been constantly working towards innovation and and customer oriented approach in the automation industry. Our unique approach based on engaging directly with the industry to ensure solution specific products has been our strength. We are reliable manufacturers of Data Logger, Amp Hour Meter, ORP Meter, Conductivity Meter, Temperature Logger, Tachometer and Flow Meter.

We particularize in:

• Reliability and Repeatability
• Durability
• Accuracy
• Ease of use

Our passion & aim is to provide 100% customer satisfaction through our extensive range of cutting-edge products with:

  • Quality at every step of production
  • Customer oriented approach from design to delivery
  • Latest technology at reasonable prices
  • Regular modernization of products
  • Constant efforts to reduce time to delivery

We understands the business value cannot be achieved through technology alone. It starts with people: experts working together to get to the heart of your individual business objectives and develop the most adapted solutions to fit these requirements. We believe this human-centered approach to technology is what makes the difference for the business.


  • pH Meter Gives Explicit Measurement to Industries

    PH determines the availability of acidity and alkalinity in the water body. Obviously, water plays a very crucial role in both the domestic as well as industrial sectors.  It becomes important for us to modify the water quality before its consumption in order to avoid hazardous diseases and infections. Usually, we use water purifying devices…

  • Humidity controller for ambient atmosphere

    Fulfilling basic necessity of every individual with suitable guidance is the main purpose of any skilled and experienced technical sector. There is no doubt in the fact that latest scientific engineers have taken advancement and innovation to the next level as far as development of any nation is concerned. Possibilities of getting answers of all…

  • Humidity Meter A Description

    The basic purpose of buying technology is to make sure that it cuts down the errors which human are more favorable of doing, moreover the efficiency of the work increases. There are certain environmental conditions which also have to be taken into consideration at times, there are adjustments to be made accordingly, so as to…

  • Best mechanical support from humidity controller

    Controlling weather is not in hands of living beings as we are not above natural selection but at social level scientific experiments have, to a certain extent, given lot many solutions which were essential and application was necessary  to answer various queries. Technology stands on the first position in terms of human development and other…

  • Demand of exclusive orp meter

    Survival of the fittest does not simply depend upon healthy lifestyle but another significant part added to it is of water content. As a natural resource, water is used by all of us for healthy reason but apart from human beings certain non living objects also make good use of liquid substance. Problem that comes…

  • Application of orp meter for better liquid quality

    Various kinds of liquid observing instruments are easily available in the market out of which few are valuable and few have failed to impress people by their weak and inefficient performance. Water as we know is the most vital element and acts as a mode of survival through which living and certain non living things…

  • Digitally designed humidity controller apparatus

    Multiple ranges of advanced technological gadgets have proven to be the great medium to serve various complicated commotions. All these devices are designed to provide ease and perfection to you. There are many things that the human mind is unable to detect and only a high end technology is used to understand or to decode…

  • advantages of PH Controller in various industrial applications

    One of the most important aspect of commercial and house hold facilities is to keep the place free from mildews and moisture damage. Also, it is crucial to see that the products are not acidic in nature so that they do not cause any kind of harm to one’s health and safety. To create a…

  • Specifications and features of humidity meter

    Technical appliances has improvised the groundwork of the industrial sectors and also offered miraculous concept that was looking impossible in the past few years. As compared to conventional era, then you can assume the distant that today we are totally reliable on technology. Our basic requirement is incomplete without the involvement of the electrical gadgets.…

  • Tachometer the new generation counting machine

    Every industries use many category of machines and equipment in their factories. The affluent production of goods and commodities is the only goal for every company. In order to maintain the quality of the manufactured products they go for multiple checks. Once the check is over they forward it for distribution in the market. But…

  • Basic advantages of the temperature logger

    In the industrial sector, the excellent performance of high-end technologies determines the quality of the product that helps in influencing the growth and reputation of the company in the market. The main objective of the firm is to earn profits and extend their scale to the wider network in the short period of time. And…

  • ph controller monitors and controls the ph aspect in water

    Water is an indispensable element for humans and machines as well. But due to crude chemicals and polluted substances available in the water making its utilization unhygienic and also badly affecting to the human body. Thu use of several water purifying equipments in the domestic as well as industrial sector has rectified this problem. It…

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