Humidity Meter used in every sector for keeping the humidity under the control

There are different meter gadgets which are used for varied reasons. Watt meter is the popular one which is used for the purpose of measuring the electrochemical energy. Various other industries such as the micro chip, computer industry, paper industry, textile industry, wine and liquor industry and automotive industry require the use of Humidity Controller…


pH for Aquariums

pH is a measure of acidity/alkalinity in water. 7 is considered to be neutral pH. Any pH reading above 7 is considered to be alkaline, while a pH reading below 7 is acidic. Generally, pH levels ranging from 8.1 to 8.4 are acceptable in saltwater aquarium tanks. But, for reef tanks the optimum pH levels…


Ampere Hour Meters

The ampere – hour meter or Amp Hr Meter or AH Meter is similar to the watt – hour meter which is used to calculate the total usage of electricity at households and commercial establishments. However, ampere – hour meter takes into account the ampere hours and just like the watt hour meter, it is…