The Industrial Revolution evolved the world in to a land of opportunities, the developing countries found solace in this whole change of work culture. Various job opportunities erupted and people found work in a field apart from agriculture. The concept of industries meant machinery and equipments, this shows how Science and Technology bought about a radical change in the thinking and working of the world. We must now accept that. Machines are not humans, they do not have the feature of adjusting, and they need a proper environment and condition to perform the way these are expected to. Industries having water in their use need an appropriate form of it, i.e. clean, hydrated, ionized or for that instance, saturated. As per the requirement, it needs to be got done, to obtain maximum results. Now to have a check on the condition of the water, as in the presence of impurities in it is required a device, known as theConductivity Meter. This tool monitors and measures the amount of chemicals, salts or nutrients present in the water, so as to know whether it is appropriate for use in the particular machine or not. It is just a device which calculates the condition of the water and not controlling it by any means.

They are highly sensitive sensors which are used to keep a check on aquatic pools, water tanks, for chemical experiments, for detection of leakage in stored water etc. This helps in maintaining a clean and required standard of the water it is used on, allowing industries to prepare solution which is for the best functioning of the machines and equipments. They usually are expensive going by the degree of task they perform, there is also a difference in size and module depending on the brand and quality of theConductivity Meter. Industries which have machines which are steam generating require boilers and thus this device comes in handy for such operational use. As it is expected for these machines to perform for long duration, for that the boiler too needs to be working simultaneously and in good condition and hence the water used there needs to be prepared accordingly knowing its actual condition. Laboratories in educational Institutes too have enormous use of this device as majority of the experiments performed there are assisted with water and having safe and pre-precautionary measures is a must in such an environment. Being expensive, these devices are usually very durable, provided used in an appropriate manner and handled with care. They are water-proof , but this does not imply that they are to be in water, at all times.