Digital Counter are memory pointers, which is used for counting. The digital counter uses the digital technology to count the occurrence of one event and showcases results. It also has the feature of recording the occurrences. The digital counter could be a simple one to highly digitised complex ones which the industries require. These digital counters work like timers too. So they are used in microwave ovens, VCRs, automobiles and so on. They help in counting and keeping track. Digital counters are precisely used for counting and are immensely usable in scientific and research areas because they help in keeping a record of the events and results from the experiments.

Digital counter work on the basis of sequential logic. The most common type which is used in the industry is made up of collection of flip flop loops and that represents a digit in the binary system. There is other type of digital counters as well and one can also build digital encounters for themselves. The Digital Counters could be made using a ripple counter and thus could be easily used for the purpose of counting.

The digital counters are not only capable of simple counting and the like but also have complex features. At countronics you would see the varied features present in every device. Today counters come with a feature of setting of a count limit and then the vent can be made to happen in that number of times. This type of digital counter is known as preset counters. The count could be adjusted again to make the event happen again in the number of times you want it. The digital counters thus serve important utilities and are heavily used in many sectors