The ph controller finds its immense use in the agricultural industry. The pesticides and insecticides need to have a correct amount of acidic or alkaline content so that they do not harm the crop. They are sprayed or used in the crop to catch insects that may spoil the quality of the crop. Hence ph controller is used in the agricultural industries per se so that the ph of the substance is measured. PH Controller is also used in to measure the alkalinity of the soil before sowing seeds in the soil. If the soil is highly acidic or alkaline, then one must know the correct device is so that the ph of the soil does not disturb the crop production or quality.

The ph meter or controller is also used in the cosmetics industry in which the chemicals used in the cosmetics products are checked using a Instrument so that the harsh chemicals do not hamper the skin. Even though the skin has a ph but if harsh chemical products are used on the skin, the ph may be disturbed causing rashes and itching, so industries making cosmetics which are used on face and hair, keep a strict check on the ph using the PH Meter.

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