• Input signal suitable for Contact/Make break, Limit switch, Proximity sensor, Photo-electric switch, Infra-red Sensor, Rotary Encoder or any other sensor giving Pulse output.
  • Preset Count settable by front pushwheels
  • Auto/manual mode user selectable
  • For Auto mode, delayed reset time user settable from 1-10sec
  • CMOS/LSI design for high reliability and accuracy. No moving parts as in Electro-mechanical Counters.
  • Reset by Front Push Button or external contact.
  • Special de-bounce circuit to prevent spurious counts in slow speed/contact make break.
  • 12V/75mA DC output for Proximity sensor/Photo sensor.
  • Built in Ni-Cd rechargeable battery back-up for saving count on power down.
Display 6 Digit(0.39 inch Char Height, Red 7 Seg)
Range 999999
Size(Front Facia) 96 mm x 96 mm
Count Mode Up
Output 1 NO-P-NC Change Over Contact 5A/250V AC
Reset PushButton / Contact (Pulse Operation available against Request)
Output Mode Auto Repetitive or Single Cycle.
Power Supply 230 V AC +/- 10% or 12V DC
Operating Temperature 0 – 50°C
Storage Temperature – 10 to + 70°C
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