• Separate 4 displays for Charging and Discharging ampere-hours,
  • Auto recognition of charge/discharge current
  • Shunt calibration programmable up to 9999 for 75mV
  • Ampere-Hour counters stored on power failure
  • Settable limit for Discharge Ampere-Hours
  • Ampere Hour/Ampere Minute user selectable
  • Rear calibration lock to prevent tampering with settings
  • Aesthetically designed front panel with membrane switches
Display 4 Digit 7 Segment Red LED display for Charging Ampere Hours

4 Digit 7 Segment Red LED display for Ampere-Hours

Shunt Calibration Maximum 9999 Amps corresponding to 75mV settable from front panel
Discharge Set Point Settable from 0-9999
Resolution 1AH/0.1AH
Relay In alarm mode for Discharge Ampere Hours
Contact Rating NO-P-NC @ 5Amps/220V AC
Memory Settings and Ampere-Hours saved in solid state EEPROM
Lock By rear jumper to prevent accidental tampering with shunt setting
Supply 48V DC ± 10% (Also available in 24V/96V/120V DC)
Size Front Fascia 96mm x 96mm
Weight 800 grams
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