• Operator independent. Detects presence of human automatically and displays temperature
  • Periodic auto-calibration feature for accurate readings
  • Non-contact operation from 2mm to 20mm distance
  • Wall (key holes at rear) or stand mountable (bolts available at bottom)
  • Flexible temperature sensor mount for camera (CCTV) to be used to capture face image as well as temperature display and count at the same time
  • Temperature in ˚C or ˚F
  • Alarm settable from 95˚F(35˚C) to 105˚F (40.5˚C)
  • Resolution of 0.1 ˚C or 0.1˚F
  • Accuracy of ±0.2˚C ±1 LSB
  • Audio alarm (buzzer) and Visual alarm (Big LED) to indicator measurement and also blinking indication when temperature is above set limit
  • Optional additional output for automatic door lock opening
  • Temperature recording of up to 100 counts with resettable counter/memory
  • Size: 96mmx96mmx50mm
  • 220V AC supply
  • Rugged powder coated metal cabinet


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