Category:  Flow Meter, Indicator, Controller

SKU:  2502

  • 4 digit display for Flow Rate with resolution from 0.001 to 1
  • 6 digit totaliser for integrated flow values with resolution setting from 1 to 0.001
  • Multiplier programmable with resolution ranging from 0.001 to 0.00001
  • Input frequency range from 10 pulses/min to 50,000 pulses/min
  • Totalized flow saved in memory on power failure
  • Rear panel configuration lock
  • Aesthetically designed front panel with membrane switches
  • Attractive ABS cabinet
Display 4 digit 0.56 ± 7 segment Red LED display for Flow Rate
6 digit 0.56 ± 7 segment Red LED display for Totaliser
Multiplier Range: 0.001 to 999.999 (Pulses/unit volume
Flow Rate 0.001 to 9999 units per min
Flow Rate = (Input pulses per min) x (Multiplier)
Totalised Flow 0.001 to 999999
Memory Totalised flow saved in EEPROM to prevent loss on power failure
Totalised Reset By Front panel touch switch
Sensor Supply +10V DC provided by instrument
Input Signal From turbine type flow sensors
Range: 0.17Hz to 1KHz
Configuration Lock By rear jumper to prevent tampering with Multiplier and
resolution setting for flow rate, multiplier and Totalised Flow
Supply 220V AC ±15% @ 50/60Hz
Dimensions 96mm x 96mm x 135mm. Panel Cut Out : 91mm x 91mm
Weight 800 grams
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