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Category:  Flow Meter, Indicator, Controller

SKU:  2502-A

  • 4 digit display for Flow Rate
  • 6 digit display for integrated flow values
  • Compatible with both Analog and Pulse output sensors
  • Flow rate settable in Per Min OR Per Hour
  • Multiplier programmable with resolution ranging from 0.001 to 0.00001
  • Linear or square root function selectable
  • Input frequency from 10 pulses/min to 60,000 pulses/min
  • Span programmable with floating decimal point
  • Totalised flow saved in memory on power failure
  • Rear panel configuration lock
  • Aesthetically designed front panel with only 4 membrane switches for user friendly operation
  • Attractive ABS panel mounted cabinet
Display 4 digit 0.56” 7 segment Red LED display for Flow Rate

6 digit 0.56” 7 segment Red LED display for TotaliserSensor Typea. Differential pressure transmitter (4-20mA or 0-20mA)
b. Turbine type flow sensor (Pulsed Output)Input4-20mA, 0-20mA or Pulse Input (10 per min to 60,000 per min)Time BasePer Minute/ Per Hour selectableCalibrationFor Pulse Input –

a. K-Factor of Turbine sensor : Range: 0.100 to 999.999 (K Factor = Volume/Pulse)
For Analog Input –
a. Linear/Square root function selectable
b. For 4-20mA: Span settable from 000.0 to 9999
c. For 0-20mA: Span settable from 000.0 to 9999Flow Rate0.001 to 9999 units per min
Flow Rate = (Input pulses per min) * (Multiplier)MemoryTotalised flow saved in EEPROM to prevent loss on power failureTotalized Flow0.001 to 999999Totaliser ResetBy front panel touch switchSensor SupplySeparate 10V supply for turbine sensor and pressure transmitterConfiguration LockBy rear jumper to prevent tampering with configurationSupply220V AC ± 15% @ 50/60HzDimensions96mm x 96mm x 135mm.

Panel Cut Out: 91mm x 91mmWeight800 grams

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