• Current Integrated Display
  • 4 DIG AMP-HOUR (Selectable: AH , 0.1 AH, AMin & 0.1 AMin)
  • Presetable Limit for Amp-Hour with Relay Out,
  • 6 Digit Totalizer AH Stored in EEPROM & Front Resettable
  • Displays Current in Amps
  • Lockable Scale Factor -CAL- for Various Shunts
  • Signal Input in mV from Current Shunt of 75mV/Amp
  • Application in Constant Thickness Electroplating which is Proportional to Preset AH Limit, irrespective of Voltage/ Current Variation.
  • Simultaneous Input for mV(from Current Shunt) and Battery Voltage, to measure the AH of a chargeable Battery when Voltage falls to Factory-Settable Limit( usually 10.5V for 12V Batt)
Display 6 RED 7 Segment LEDs of 0.56” character height.
Current Display Max 9999 Amps using a shunt of current/75mV. User programmed
Amp-Hour Max 9999 A-H for each preset cycle. (Amp-Hour range is selected by shorting Pin 17-18 at the rear)
Amp-Minute Max 9999 A-Min for each preset cycle. (Amp-Minute is selected, opening the link between Pin 17 & 18).
Max shunt Max value of 9999 Amp corresponding to 75mV
Totaliser 6 Digits for Amp-Hour or Amp-Min. i.e. 99,99,99. (readable for 10 sec by going into ‘total’ mode).
Limit Up to 9999 AH or Amin. setting (In limit mode using incr./ decr. switches).
Relay Contact One NO-P-NC of 5 Amp rating.
Trigger start By pressing front panel switch or closing a rear external contact.
Battery Back-Up Not required. Programmed values & readings, including A-H stored in EPROM.
Lock Electronic lock for calibration (open link between Pin 1 & 2 to lock CAL)
Low Volt. Trigger Set at 10.5V internally. For testing 12V Battery AH. (With Pin 3 & 4 shorted).
Increased Res. 0.1AH or 0.1AMin facility by shifting internal jumper.
Supply 220V AC  10%
Size Front Fascia 96mm x 96mm Din Size. Depth 135mm. Cut Out : 91mm x 91mm.
Weight 800 grams
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