• Ideal for ensuring electroplating thickness by presetting AMP-HOUR,
  • Useful for checking Amp-Hour of rechargeable batteries using voltage limit
  • Separate displays for Voltage, Current and Amp-Hour
  • Programmable for AH/0.1AH/Amin/0.1AMin
  • Usable with any shunt by setting ‘Calibration’ for Amp-75mV
  • Calibration factor lockable from rear
  • 4 Digit Amp-Hour and 6 Digit cumulative Amp-Hour display
  • Attractive front panel membrane switches in rugged Aluminum cabinet
  • In case of power failure, the current status of selected parameters, the current Amp-Hour and Cumulative Amp-Hour is saved
Display All of 0.56in character height Red 7 Segment displays
a.3 Digits to display voltage 0 – 99.9V
b.4 Digits to display current 0 – 999.9Amps
c.6 Digits to display Amp-Hour (4 Digit) and cumulative Amp-Hour (6 Digit)
Max. Shunt Max. value of 999.9 Amps corresponding to 75mV. User programmable from front in ‘CAL’ mode. (Max. value of 9999Amps also available on request)
Selection of Amp Short Pin 17-18 for Amp-Hour
Hour/Min Open link of Pin 17-18 for Amp-Minute
0.1AH/Amin Higher 0.1 resolution by shifting internal jumper by opening cover
Totaliser 6 Digit readable in ‘Total’ Mode
Limit Up to 9999 Ahr/Amin settable in limit mode using increment/decrement switches
Relay NO-P-NC of 5 Amp at 220V AC contact rating
Start Pressing front panel switch or momentarily shorting rear Pins 5 & 6 by wiring an external switch
Memory Non-volatile EEPROM solid state memory
Stores programmed value of shunt, preset value, current Amp-Hr and the current
Cumulative Amp-Hr to preserve current status on power failure
Lock Open Link between Pin 1 & 2 to Lock ‘Cal’ i.e. shunt value
Low Voltage Internally set at 10.5V for testing 12V battery. Short Pins 3 &
Stop 4 for this function
Supply 220V AC ± 10% at 50/60Hz
Size Vertical type with front panel 96 x 192 mm
Terminals At rear with marking for wiring
Mounting Panel Mounted
Fuse At rear of 0.2Amps
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