• Microprocessor based controller, linearised for PT100 sensor & 3 thermocouples (J,K,R) with Auto cold junction compensation
  • Separate displays for Temperature and Set Point
  • Separate heater & cooler/alarm logic relays
  • Offset digitally programmable from front
  • Configuration lockable by rear jumper
  • Proportional/On-Off control user selectable
  • User programmable hysterisis band
  • Percentage on time settable to avoid overshoots and save power
  • Non-volatile memory to save settings
  • Aesthetically designed front panel with membrane switches
Display 4 digit 0.56” 7 segment Red LED display for
4 digit 0.56” 7 segment Green LED display
for Set Point
Sensor J,K,R & 3 wire PT100
Range J T/C:0 to 750˚C K T/C:0 to 1250˚C
R T/C:0 to 1700˚C
PT100: -100.0 to 600.0˚C
Accuracy ±0.1% of Full Scale ± 1 digit
Relay Logic On/Off or time proportional with 20 sec
cycle time for heater relay (Relay 1)
On/Off for Cooler / Alarm Relay (Relay 2).
5 Amps/220V AC Relay Contact outputs
Proportional Band -7.0˚C to +3.0˚C around set point
with 10% per degree cut
Hysterisis Band Settable from 0˚C to 20.0˚C
Percentage Power User programmable from 0% to
100% to avoid overshoots and save
Offset Settable from -20.0˚C to +20.0˚C
Memory Non-volatile EEPROM to save settings
Config. Lock On rear terminals to prevent tampering
with configuration except Set Point
Supply 220V AC ± 15% @ 50/60Hz
Dimensions 96mm x 96mm x 135mm.
Cut Out : 91mm x 91mm
Weight 800 grams
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