• Direct display of Humidity & Temperature using the classical DRY/WET Electronic temperature Sensors
  • No need of Look-Up table as the table is embedded in the micro-controller memory.
  • Easy to calibrate & compare with Mercury in Glass thermometer systems.
  • Sensors not contaminated by atmospheric gases etc. as the PT100 Sensors are sealed in steel tube.
  • Large 1” RED 7 Segment displays gives long distance visibility.
  • Rugged ABS cabinet with attractive look. Specifications
Display 2 Digits 7 Segment LEDs 1” character height (For Humidity)
3 Digits 7 Segment LEDs 1” character height (For Temp.)
Sensor 2 Nos. PT100 in sealed stainless steel tubing installed on the side of the cabinet.
Range 0 to 99% Humidity and 0 to 99.9˚C temperature
Resolution 1% For Relative Humidity &
0.1˚C for Temper
Accuracy ± 2% for RH ± 1 Least Significant Digit.
± 0.2˚C for Temperature ± 1 Least Significant Digit.
Power 230V AC ± 15%
Cabinet Strong ABS plastic cabinet.
Sensor on the side, with a side platform for water bottle of large
Water Wick Made of pure cotton. To be used with preferably, distilled water,
& slight air breeze
Size 140mm x 138mm x 55mm
Weight 700 gms.
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