Digital Counter Meter

Digital counters are precision instruments to count the number of times there is a change in the input condition. The change may be in the form of voltage. current ,AC signal or the signal itself may come from sensors like proximity switch , electromagnetic sensor ,infrared heat sensor or simple contact switch relay, photo switch or current transformer(CT) . The input signal is suitably conditioned and then optically isolated from main circuitry for protection. Noise suppressors are built in to eliminate false counting. The state-of-art microcontroller based circuitry is used to just display the count for easy visibility or can be used to trigger some process to stop at a predefined limit .The limit is set by push wheels or can be said by touch switches .Usually these presentable counters power relay contact output to control the the actual load. Programmable counters can have built-in multiplying/dividing factor to display a programmed value for a single input count .Such counters are very useful in length measurement ,or for flow totalizer using a pulse output flow sensor .Some counters have option of sending the display value via RS485/ RS 232 to a PC . They can also have wireless connectivity to transmit the count information to a remote location .Multiple counters maybe addressable remotely for data logging of the respective count.

Countronics make a wide variety of Precision Counters for most applications. All instruments are as per ISO 9001-2015 Quality Standard.