Digital Temperature Indicator, Controller, Logger

Temperature indicators, Controllers and Loggers are used almost universally in all process control industry. Most processes give optimum performance in a particular temperature band. The sensor be it a thermocouple , RTD sensor measures the temperature and instrument controls the heater / cooler in a closed loop .This also saves electricity / fuel and enables a correct operation. Scanners monitor ,& control the temperature of various furnaces using multiple input sensors and one display /control instrument .Data loggers usually are multichannel and here also multiple sensors coming from various furnaces go to a single instrument. The data is scanned , processed and stored either in a solid-state memory or a pen drive or transmitted via RS232 / RS485 to a PC. Scanner,loggers save space are efficient economically and also save energy .They are very cost-effective solutions, made under strict quality control and ensure almost zero defect .Being an ISO 9001- 2015 registered company ,all the Production& QC procedures are tabulated and followed for maximum customer reliability.

A temperature meter, also known as a thermometer or temperature gauge, is a device used to measure and display the temperature of a substance or the surrounding environment. Temperature meters are widely used in various applications, including scientific research, industrial processes, HVAC systems, weather monitoring, food safety, medical applications, and more.