Digital Timer – Multifunction Digital Timers

Countronics is a Leading Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Multifunction Digital Timers. Digital timers have become essential part of automation in almost all industrial processes and machines. The process timer may be triggered either by power on ,or a contact switch ,or an input voltage, or a sensor giving the requisite trigger. Time limit setting maybe by push,-wheels or by touch switches .The time display is usually clear, bright red led or use LCD . The timer can count up or count down or sequentially or in cyclic timer mode.

Countronics state of the art technology ensures the time does not vary because of voltage fluctuations or mains frequency as the reference time usually comes from a highly stable quartz crystal. Being aesthetically designed, the timers are manufactured under strict quality control. All parameters are checked and tabulated as per ISO 9001-2015 standard procedures. Each instrument is individually run for 24 hours and subjected to strict vibration test to ensure zero defect performance at the customer end. Designed and manufactured in India for Indian conditions, Countronics assures clients non stop service and reliability. Repeated orders of the same product bear testimony to the high level of customer satisfaction.