Flow Meter, Indicator and Controller

Countronics is a Leading Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Flow Meter, Flow Indicator, and Flow Controller. Flow Meter, Flow Indicator, and Flow Controller are devices used to measure, indicate, and control the flow rate of fluids (liquids or gases) in various industrial and commercial applications. Each of these devices serves a specific purpose in the management of fluid flow.

Flow Meter: A flow meter is a device designed to measure the volume, mass, or velocity of fluid passing through a specific point in a system. It provides quantitative data about the rate of flow and is crucial for accurate monitoring and control of processes.

Flow Indicator: A flow indicator is a device that visually displays the presence or movement of fluid in a system. It provides a simple way to confirm that fluid is flowing and helps in diagnosing potential flow issues.

Flow Controller: A flow controller is a device used to manage and regulate the flow rate of a fluid to a desired setpoint. It actively adjusts the flow to maintain a specific flow rate, either by directly controlling the flow or by manipulating control valves or other flow-regulating devices.

Flow indicators / totalisers /controllers are available for various signal inputs. The signal may be digital pulses coming from a turbine type sensor or the signal may be analogue voltage /current .The equipments are aesthetically designed and use the state-of-the-art microcontroller technology to ensure precision counting /calculations . The Cal factor enables display to be a multiple of the input.The readings are independent of mains voltage / frequency. Accurate flow measurement are critical in auditing various fuels like oil / gas etc. Using the correct sensor for the specific fluid is important.

The built-in solid-state memories ensure the count data is stored permanently and is available when desired .There is no need of battery back-up. All equipments are manufactured under strict quality control procedures as per 9001-2015 directive .Every instrument is individually run for 24 hours and subjected to vibration test to ensure complete customer satisfaction. The strong abs cabinet follow the standard 96 by 96 mm size and can be panel mounted and secured with side claims provided.