pH and ORP Meter, Indicator and Controller

Countronics is a Leading Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of pH Indicator, pH Controller, ORP Meter, ORP Indicator, and ORP Controller. pH Indicator, pH Controller, ORP Meter, ORP Indicator, and ORP Controller are devices commonly used in the field of water quality monitoring, chemical processes, and environmental testing.

pH meter: A pH meter is a highly specialized electronic device used to measure and display the pH (acidity or alkalinity) of a liquid or solution with high accuracy. It is one of the essential tools in laboratories, industrial processes, environmental testing, water quality monitoring, and various other fields where pH measurement is critical.

pH Indicator: A pH indicator is a chemical compound or solution that changes color depending on the pH (acidity or alkalinity) of a solution it is in contact with. It helps determine the approximate pH value of a substance by observing the color change. pH indicators are often used in laboratories, aquariums, swimming pools, and various other applications to quickly assess whether a solution is acidic, neutral, or alkaline. While pH indicators provide a visual indication of pH, they do not offer precise numerical measurements.

pH Controller: A pH controller is an instrument used to automatically regulate and maintain a specific pH value in a solution or process. It typically consists of a pH sensor (pH electrode) that continuously measures the pH of the solution and a control unit that compares the measured pH with a setpoint. If the pH deviates from the desired value, the controller activates appropriate dosing pumps or other control mechanisms to add acidic or alkaline substances to the solution, ensuring the pH remains within the specified range.

ORP Meter: ORP stands for Oxidation-Reduction Potential, which is a measure of the tendency of a solution to either gain or lose electrons in a chemical reaction. An ORP meter, also known as a redox meter, measures and displays the ORP value of a solution, indicating its oxidizing or reducing potential. It is commonly used in water treatment processes, swimming pools, and chemical laboratories to assess the water’s disinfection potential or the progress of a chemical reaction.

ORP Indicator: An ORP indicator is a device that visually displays the ORP value of a solution. Similar to pH indicators, it provides a qualitative indication of the solution’s redox potential but does not give precise numerical measurements.

ORP Controller: An ORP controller, also known as a redox controller, is an instrument used to automatically control and maintain a specific ORP value in a solution. It operates similarly to a pH controller but instead uses the ORP measurement to adjust the addition of oxidizing or reducing agents to keep the ORP within the desired range.

pH ,being a measure of acidity / alkalinity in a solution is an extremely important industrial parameter. Industrial effluents being drained into wells and rivers may be extremely toxic caused by extreme pH values. Environmentalist have been pushing industries to neutralize the effluent before releasing. To control this extreme pollution it has become mandatory for industries to install ETP / STP plants to monitor the pH value round the clock and neutralize the effluent by adding acid / base as desired .Countronics was the first company in India to make digital pH controllers to automate the process of neutralizing the effluent by activating dosing pumps to add acid or base as required .The isolated 4-20 mA outputs enable the readings to be monitored at a long distance as there is no loss of current in the loop. Cosmetic industry too maintain correct pH to ensure the skin /hair is not being harmed. Swimming pool water too monitors pH in water so that the swimmers eyes and skin is not affected by the disinfectant chlorine added. As per international norms fruits and other agricultural produce is washed with water of the right pH otherwise it may harm the consumer. Further in the agriculture industry the disinfectants being sprayed should have correct pH to ensure crops are not damaged. Countronics ensures high quality- control to give a product that works in Indian conditions.

Standard ISO 9001-2015 procedure for QC is strictly followed by Countronics.