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  • 10 output sequentially programmable timer
  • Each channel has On time & Off time individually settable
  • Separate LEDs to indicate current active channel
  • Time settable from 0.01 seconds to 99.59Hours
  • Individual timing range for each channel
  • Single cycle or cyclic operation selectable
  • Remote start of operation selectable via external contact
  • Provision for skipping of undesired channels
  • Cascading of more than one instrument for sequential operation of more than 10 relays possible
  • Provision for intermediate freezing of operation
  • Saving of time status on power failure
  • On line programming for changing settings during
Display 0.56” 7 Segment Red LED 4 digit display for time

0.56” 7 Segment Red LED single digit display for active channel

10 Red LEDs for indication of current channel relay On

3 LEDs to indicate the resolution of the timing of the current channel

2 LEDs to indicate On or Off cycle of a channelTimer Display2 + 2 DigitsRange Selectable (for each channel)99.99 Secs

99Mins 59 Secs

99 Hrs 59 Mins5 sets of ContactsMarked “A” to “E

“A”: If contacts are shorted, timer recycles/re-starts at end of sequence. If contacts are open only single sequence operation present

“B”: Cascading input, Used for trigger start on momentary closing of contact OR To cascade 2 such timers, connect “E” contacts of first timer to “B” contacts of next timer

“C”: If contacts are open the timer resets to channel 0 and time 0 on power on. If contacts are shorted, the timer resumes operation from where it left off at power failure (same channel and same time)

“D”: Inhibit/Hold: If contacts are shorted, the timer operation freezes. If opened, it resumes.

“E”: Cascading output: Used as input from previous timer to cascade more than one instrumentNumber of RelaysUp to 10 relays. Undesired channels can be skipped by setting the On and Off time of that channel to zeroRelay OutputsPotential free NO-P contacts of relays with 5 Amps/220V AC ratingMemorySolid state EEPROM for saving of timing settings. No battery required.MountingWall mounting with rear clamp (optional)Supply220V AC ±15% @ 50/60HzSize160mm x 170mm x 60mm

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