• 16 Channel Microprocessor Based Temperature Scanner, linearised for PT100 & 3 T/Cs (J,K,R) with cold junction compensation.
  • Logging of 3000 readings of all 16 channels
  • Serial RS-232 output to download all logged values to PC.
  • In built Real Time Clock with battery back-up.
  • Manual/Auto Scanning selectable.
  • Scan rate settable from front panel up to 99sec/channel.
  • User settable logging rate.
  • Number of channels user selectable.
  • Configuration locks at rear to lock the number of channels and clock settings.
  • Non-volatile memory to save settings.
  • Aesthetically designed front panel with membrane switches.
Display 4 Digit 0.56″ 7 Segment Red LEDs for Temperature
2 Digit 0.56″ 7 Segment Green LEDs for Channel Number
Number of Channels Maximum 16
Sensor J,K,R T/C or 3 wire PT-100 (common for all channels)
Range : J T/C : -50˚C to 750˚C K T/C : -50˚C to 1250˚C
R T/C : 0 to 1700˚C PT100: -100.0 to +600.0˚C
Resolution 1˚C for thermocouples and 0.1˚C for PT100
Accuracy ±0.1% of F.S. ±1 Digit
Serial Output RS-232 output
Logging Rate Settable in Hours:Mins (00:01 to 23:59 ) RTC controlled with
batterybackup to save 3000 readings
Real Time Clock Adjustable in Hours:Mins and Month/Date
Auto/Manual mode Toggle between Auto/Manual modes with front panel indication

of mode

Display Rate 1 to 99 seconds per channel in Auto Mode
Memory Non-volatile EEPROM for saving settings
Configuration Locks 1. At rear terminals to lock number of channels
2. At rear terminals to lock Clock settings
Supply 220V AC ± 15% at 50/60Hz
Ambient Temp. Maximum 55˚C
Size (Front) 96 x 192 mm
Depth 170 mm
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