Category:  Conductivity Meter Indicator Controller


  • Precision indication of conductivity
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation
  • 4 Step Range selection 0.1μs to 199.9ms
  • 2 independent Set Points with High and Low logics for on-line control
  • Front Panel ‘touch type’ membrane switch to read the limits set
  • Voltage corresponding to Conductivity available for external recorder
  • ‘Cell Adjust’ on front panel for calibration.
Display 3½ Digit LCD
Range a. 199.9μs
b. 1999μs
c. 19.99ms
d. 199.9ms
The range is selectable from the rear and can be calibrated by ‘Cell Adj’ at the front for individual range.
Resolution 0.1μs to 0.1ms depending on range selected.
Accuracy ± 0.5% of Full Scale ± 1 Least Significant Digit.
Sensor Contact Type’ with Cell Constant 1.0
Temperature Uses PT100, precision temperature sensor (External).
Compensation The Compensation is internally set at 2% per ˚C
NOTE: If PT100 is not available, then fix a simulated resistance of PT100 @ 25˚C approx. 110Ω. Instrument will not work otherwise.
Limit Setting Using 2 Nos. 10 turn precision trimpots on front panel to set the High/Low Limi
Control Output Two set of NO-P-NC, 5 Amps potential free Relay Contacts.
a. Relay 1 (High) ON, for Conductivity > High Limit
b. Relay 2 (Low) ON, for Conductivity < Low Limit
Recorder Output 0-2V for the selected range
Max. current output capability 2mA
Supply 110V AC/220V AC ± 15% Internally selectable
Size Front Fascia – 96mm x 96mm, Cut Out – 92mm x 92mm
Cabinet Flame retardant grade Plastic enclosure
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