• This micro-controller based programmable Amp-Hour Meter is designed to integrate and display DC current flowing respect to time. It becomes a measure of the total current energy.
  • It allows user calibration for any shunt up to 9999 Amps for 75mV
    It can be used for Ampere-Hours or Ampere-minutes. The meter has separate displays for current and ampere-hours/mins.
  • The Cumulative Ampere-Hour is stored on power failure. A settable limit for Ampere-Hours with dual time relays makes the instrument ideal for repeated accurate dosing cycles.,
  • Rear calibration lock to prevent tampering with settings and an aesthetically designed front panel with membrane switches complements the system.
Display 4 Digit 7 Segment Red LED display for Instantaneous Current
6 Digit 7 Segment Red LED display for Ampere-Hours/Mins
2 Red LEDs to indicate status of the 2 Relay contacts
Max. Shunt Maximum 9999 Amps corresponding to 75mV settable
Calibration from front panel
Set Point Settable from 0-999999
Resolution 1AH/0.1AH/1AM/0.1AM
Totaliser 6 Digits for Ampere-Hour or Ampere-Minutes
Time Relays 2 relay contacts with individual time settings in Mins:Secs for timed dual dosing after the Ampere-Hour limit is reached
Contact Rating NO-P-NC @ 5Amps/220V AC
Memory Settings and Ampere-Hours saved in solid state EEPROM
Lock Non-volatile EEPROM solid state memory
Stores programmed value of shunt, preset value, current Amp-Hr and the current
Cumulative Amp-Hr to preserve current status on power failure
Lock By rear jumper to prevent accidental tampering with settings
Supply 220V AC @10% @ 50/60Hz
220V AC ± 10% at 50/60Hz
Front Fascia 96mm x 99mm
Size Depth 135mm.
Cut Out : 91mm x 91mm
Weight 800 grams
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