• 4 digit bright 7 segment display for RPM
  • Scale factor settable for different rotors with different number of keyways/teeth
  • Two separate alarm outputs user settable
  • Suitable for use with electromagnetic sensor. Can be modified for proximity sensor.
  • Front panel LED indication for signal status
  • Rear configuration lock to prevent tampering with configuration,
  • Aesthetically designed front panel with touch type membrane switches housed in ABS cabinet
Display 4 digit 7 segment Red LED display for RPM
2 LEDs to indicate relay status
1 LED to indicate input signal status
Range 20 to 9999 RPMDisplayed RPM: (RPM of rotor x No of teeth) ? Scale Factor
Sensor Electromagnetic sensor (Can be factory modified for proximity sensor)
Scale Factor 1-99 user settable depending on number of teeth/keyways on rotor

being usedAlarm Limits2 separate alarm outputs with user settable limitsRelay Outputs: 2 sets of NO-P-NC contacts of 5 Amp/220V AC contact ratingAlarm Logic

: Relay 1 ON when RPM > Set Point-1

Relay 2 ON when RPM > Set Point-2Configuration LockBy rear jumper (open to lock) for preventing tampering with the

scale factorAccuracy+/- 1 RPM in the range of 20 to 9999 RPMSize : 48mm x 96mmDepth : 180mmSupply220V AC ± 15%

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