• Bright 7 segment, 4 Digit Green Display for Humidity and 4 Digit Red Display for Temperature
  • 4 separate Limits and Solid State Relay (SSR) outputs for Heater, Cooler, Humidifier and De-Humidifier.
  • Proportional (PWM) SSR outputs for Heater and Humidifier with user settable Percentage Power
  • On/Off SSR outputs for Cooler and De-Humidifier with user settable Hysterisis
  • Digital Offset control for Temperature and Humidity
  • Capacitive sensor for 0-100% Humidity and -20˚C to +80˚C
  • Non-Volatile memory to hold settings and counts
Display 4 Digit, 7 segment Green LED display (0.56” height) for Humidity
4 Digit, 7 segment Red LED display (0.56” height) for Temperature
Range 0-100.0% for Humidity (in 5˚C to 50˚C temperature range)
-20.0˚C to +80.0˚C for Temperature
Set Limits 0-100.0% for Humidifier
0-100.0% for De-Humidifier
-40.0˚C to +100.0˚C for Heater
-40.0˚C to +100.0˚C for Cooler
Percentage Power 0-200% for Set Limits of Humidifier and Heater.
Hysterisis 0-9.9 for De-Humidifier and Cooler
Digital Offsets -19.9 to +19.9 for Humidity
-19.9 to +19.9 for Temperature
Sensor Supply 5V DC
SSR Outputs +12VDC outputs Heater, Cooler, Humidifier and De-Humidifier
Memory Retention 10 years
Mounting Panel Mounting
Size 96mm x 96mm. Depth 50mm
Weight Approx. 375 grams
Operating Temp. 0-50˚C
Humidity 95% RH

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