• 6 different timing ranges of 99.99sec, 999.9sec, 9999sec,99Mins59Secs, 9999Mins, 99Hrs59Mins
  • Press to start/Power On start/Cyclic modes settable
  • Delayed On/Off programmable by user from front panel
  • Up/Down time counting user settable
  • User settable starting On/Off time for cyclic mode
  • Number of cycles settable for cyclic mode
  • Non-volatile memory to save configuration and timing
  • Configuration lockable by Password
  • Front Reset/Start switch with parallel terminals at rear
  • Aesthetically designed panel with membrane switches
Display 4 Digit 0.8” Red 7 segment LED display for Time

4 Digit 0.56” Red 7 segment LED display for Set Time

Red LED to indicate current status of Relay On/Off

Modes User settable from front panel

1. Power On start

2. Press to start (with battery backup selection using EEPROM)

3. Cyclic action

Number of Cycles 1-199 cycles settable for cyclic mode after which the timer stops Setting number of cycles to Zero disables number of cycles setting
Reset/Start Front Reset/Start switch with parallel terminals at rear to connect additional switch, if required.
Relay logic Settable delayed On/Off, 5 Amps/220V AC Dual Relay Contact outputs
Timing direction Up/Down time counting user settable
Memory Non-volatile EEPROM to save settings
Configuration Lock Open terminals 1&2 to lock all configuration except Set Limits
Supply 220V AC ± 15% @ 50/60Hz
Dimensions Front Fascia:  96mm x 96mm x 50mm.  Cut Out: 91mm x 91mm
Weight 800 grams


  • The panel cut out of 92mm x 92mm is required. The instrument is pushed in from the front and held tightly in the panel by screwing the two side clamps from the rear.
  • To wire the equipment, refer to the pin-connections label on the top of the instrument or as detailed previously.
  • Connect 220V AC mains to Pins as per rear label. Connect Earth terminal Pin 12 to Mains Earth. As this is a micro-controller based equipment, it is advisable to connect the Earth.
  • If a separate Reset/Start switch needs to be wired, connect it across Pins marked as Reset .

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