Category:  Calibrators

SKU:  6050A


A calibrator or process calibrator is used for basic measuring, testing and regulation techniques for setting and verifying test installations and instrumentation. PCE Instruments’ calibrator products are lightweight yet made of durable materials. Our calibrator devices are easy to use and primarily handheld, though fixed installations are possible. A calibrator is valued by technicians due to its high level of accuracy and its universal range of applications.

  • Source as well as measure facility.
  • Battery Operated with commonly available 4 ‘pencil cells’
  • Ergonomic design to make it easy to handle
  • LED indication for Battery Low
  • Press to read system to enhance battery life
Display 3 Digit Red LED 0.3 inch
Source 199.9 mA
Measure 199.9 mA
Adjust mV BY 10-Turn Hellical Pot.
Accuracy 0.1%
Power 4 Pencil Cells
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