Category:  Digital Counters

SKU:  256P

  • 6 Digit Preset Counter with 0.56” bright red display
  • Single set with relay output
  • Programmable Multiplying factor
  • Settable Time delay with auto-reset facilities
  • Resolution settable from front panel
  • Normal/Auto-Reset with Time setting
  • Non-Volatile memory to hold settings and counts
Display 6 Digit, 7 segment LED display (0.56” height)
Ranges Selectable least count of 0.001, 0.01, 0.1, 1. Maximum Count of 999999
Set Limit Programmable from 0.001 to 999999
Count Inputs a. Voltage Pulse : 3V to 30V DC amplitude from proximity switch
b. Potential free contact from limit switch, relay or micro switch
Input Frequency a. 0 to 30 Hz b. 0 to 1 KHz
Sensor Supply 10V DC, short circuit protected
Multiplying Factor Programmable from 0.001 to 999.999
Reset Input a. Front Panel b. Remote reset
Relay Outputs 1 C/O (SPDT) rated at 5Amp @ 230 V AC
Memory Retention 10 years
Mounting Panel Mounting
Size 48mm x 96mm
Weight Approx. 375 gms.
Weight 900 grams
Operating Temp. 0-50˚C
Humidity 95% RH
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