Category:  Peak Load Indicators/Loggers

SKU:  CT-904

  • Separate displays for load indication and displacement
  • Range for load indication corresponding to 4-20mA input digitally settable from front panel
  • Calibration of displacement for different rotary encoders
  • Peak/Normal mode selectable
  • Up to 9 peaks can be recorded and recalled for Load and Displacement
  • Buzzer annunciation at Peak
  • Relay output for cut-off protection for load, displacement as well as breaking load
  • Digital tare for load and displacement provided to remove initial error
  • Non-volatile memory for saving configuration
  • Configuration lock at rear to prevent tampering with Range
  • Aesthetically designed front panel with membrane switches
Display 4 Digit 0.56” 7 segment Red LED display for Load (KN)
4 Digit 0.56” 7 segment Red LED display for Displacement (mm)
Range o Load : 1KN to Range
o Displacement : 0.1mm to 999.9
Accuracy ±0.1% of Full Scale ± 1 digit
Input From 2 wire loop transmitter giving 4-20mA output
4-20mA input => 0 – Range
For displacement from 3 wire Rotary encoder (+5V pulses)
Relay Logic When Relay ON for Load ≥ Set Load Limit
Relay ON for Displacement ≥ Set Displacement Limit
Relay ON for Load falling below Breaking Load after peaking
Normal/Peak Mode Selectable from front panel with LED indication of mode
Peak Read 9 peaks of both load and displacement with facility to reset memory
Peak Detection Peak hold resettable from front Reset Switch or by a parallel rear external contact
Tare Facility (Zero) Digital Tare using front panel Tare switch (for removing initial offset error). Tare also resets Displacement to Zero.
Memory Non-volatile EEPROM to save settings
Configuration Lock On rear terminals to prevent unauthorized/accidental alteration of Range using front switches
Supply M220V AC ± 15% @ 50/60Hz
Dimensions Front Fascia: 96mm x 192mm Cut Out : 92mm x 188mm
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