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  • Simultaneous display of pH and ORP
  • Simultaneous control of two pumps/valves
  • 115/220 VAC (Internally selectable)
  • Heavy Duty 10 Amp at 115VAC Relays
  • This unique control system allows both pH and ORP to be controlled and monitored simultaneously. ORP measures the oxidation level in the water typically as a result of water treatment by Chlorine, Bromine, Ozone, Peroxides, Peracetic Acid, etc., and pH allows optimum conditions for the chemistry to be effective.
  • Chemical Automation is recommended by Health Department officials and water quality experts as the only reliable solution to the problems of water chemistry, and in the maintenance of safe and hygienic water. Chemical automation pays for itself very rapidly, through savings in chemicals and maintenance.
pH Range 0.00 – 14.00pH
pH Resolution 0.01pH
pH Control Adjustable set point in range 5.20 – 10.00pH
pH 115VAC outlet: Powered when actual pH reading
is ABOVE the Set Point
ORP Range +/- 1999mV ORP
ORP Resolution +/-1mV ORP
ORP Control Adjustable set point in range 200 – 600mV (can be modified)
ORP 115VAC outlet: Powered when actual ORP
reading is BELOW the Set Point
Display pH LCD / H=1 /2″ (12.5mm), ORP LCD /
H=3/8″ (7.7mm)
Dimensions 6.2x 6.7x 2.2″ (WxHxD)
Weight 1.7Lbs. / 0.8kg
Power Consumption 115VAC/60Hz / 0.25Amp
pH and ORP outlets 115VAC/60Hz / Maximum 5 Amp. per outlet
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